Thursday, April 23, 2009

Health Care's a Mess, But I Like My Doc!!

Came across this item on the Wall Street Journal Health Blog today:

Americans are typically unhappy with the state of health care delivery in America today, but they love their individual personal physician. (I would have to include myself in this category as well.) Reminds me that even when Congress has low overall approval ratings, expect an overwhelming majority of individual members of Congress to be re-elected. ("Congress sucks, but my guy is good.")

Also saw these results of a Harris Poll a little over a year ago in which Americans stated things in the country were bad, but as the questions got closer to home, the more positive the responses became.

I wonder why. Is it just because we are more optimistic about the things we know and feel we can control (like the choice of a physician)? Or is this positivity the only way we can cope in an increasingly hectic world?

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