Monday, April 20, 2009

Ordinary Greatness

Just wanted to remind everyone about my book "Ordinary Greatness," published by Wiley and in stores in July. It is available for pre-ordering on

Part of the fun of writing a book like “Ordinary Greatness” is the opportunity to connect people with the greatness inside themselves, those they lead, and in fact, everyone around them. We found that as we researched the book, there were in every organization multiple opportunities to find greatness, and our goal was to equip leaders with tools to ensure that they could find that greatness even in places where they least expect to find it.
We were constantly reminded of leaders we know who, because of their busy schedule, frantic life, and overall hectic existence, walk past greatness every day because it appears so ordinary. Then we realized that far from being the exception, this has become the norm: greatness gets overlooked on a daily basis due to how it is encapsulated. Ordinary people do great things in the business environment, but these individuals and their deeds go largely unnoticed. Leaders simply fail to grasp what is right there in front of them.
This is further evidenced by clients who bring us into their organizations to solve a problem. We soon realize that they’ve had everything needed to successfully resolve the issue all along—they just don’t see it.
This book will analyze the invisibility of ordinary greatness, how it happens and what it is, how leaders can learn to open their eyes and recognize it regardless of its frame or context. This can be a wakeup call for you as you work every day to keep employees engaged and passionate about their work.

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